Custom Awning for Your House by Sunesta

Awning for HouseIf you are looking for custom awning options for your house, turn to Sunesta. As one of the pioneers of the industry we have provided aesthetically pleasing awnings and other shading options to homeowners since 1981. What separates a Sunesta Awning from any other comparable product on the market is that it is entirely custom manufactured in our state-of-the-art United States based facility. This allows us to fabricate each awning specifically to the unique dimensions of the patio that it is going to be installed on, create the perfect aesthetic, and make sure it functions per specification. For example, we have more than 150 styles of fabric to choose from, as well as unique add-on features, such as light and motion sensors to automatically extend or retract your awning based on the position of the sun.

At Sunesta, we can custom manufacture every type of awning for your house that you could desire, including awnings for:

  • Windows – Our Sunesta Window Awnings will add an aesthetic appeal to your home that was not present before. Additionally, adding awnings to your windows allows for less sunshine into your home, which could in turn lower your energy bills, and protect your furniture and carpet from sun damage.
  • Doors – In addition to our Sunesta Door Awnings also protecting your home from sunshine making its way into your home through your doorway, they can also provide shelter as you enter or exit your home in the rain.
  • Patios and decks – Sunesta Awnings can turn your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis that is ideal for relaxing and entertaining your guests like never before.

All of our awnings are protected by manufacturer warranties that cover the fabric, motor, and frame, allowing you to rest easy for years to come. Every Sunesta awning for your house will also have a SmartCode™ ID number assigned to it, so that in the unlikely event that something ever does go wrong with your product we will be able to promptly resolve the issue.

For help choosing the perfect awning for your house, call Sunesta today at 1-800-SUNESTA.