Don’t Settle for a “Big-Box” Backyard Awning

Backyard AwningWhen you’re considering purchasing a backyard awning, it’s best to understand what’s available to you before making any decisions. This is why “big-box” stores can be misleading; you might peruse the isles and see an awning that you sort-of like, but if you purchase it without looking around, you might be sacrificing certain features and functionality that you didn’t even know existed.

For example, did you know that backyard awnings are available in many different structural styles? There are patio and deck awnings that will mount to your wall or roofline, freestanding structures that can provide shade away from the walls of your home, pergola covers that can be installed on top of an existing structure, and much more. In fact, there are manufacturers out there who can completely customize a backyard awning for your home.

Sunesta is one such company. We’re the largest custom manufacturer of retractable awnings in the United States, known for our state-of-the-art, custom-manufacturing process. When you order a backyard awning from us, it will be sized to the exact dimensions of its intended space. Moreover, you’ll be able to choose from the largest collection of fabrics in the industry, as we offer more than 180 colors and patterns. Plus, we offer a host of accessories to upgrade your awning’s functionality, like motorized extension and retraction, remote controls, sun and wind sensors, and more.

If you’re interested in purchasing a backyard awning for your home, call 1-800-SUNESTA today. One of our shade experts will be happy to guide you through the many options available to you.