Attractive Window Awnings for Your Home in Hamden, CT

Attractive Window Awnings for Your Home in Hamden, CT

Window Awnings Hamden CTWindow awnings by Sunesta are a practical addition for your house in Hamden, Connecticut. Not only do our awnings help to regulate the temperature inside your home, but their ample shade also prevents UV rays from filtering directly into your home, reducing sun damage to your carpets, flooring, rugs, and furniture. So, for a shade solution that will work for your home, allow Sunesta to engineer the best shading system for your home.

Sunesta’s window awnings can be customized for your home in Hamden, CT, in several ways:

  • Size – We can make our awnings to be the precise dimensions you want, down to the very inch.
  • Color – Our awning frames come in several stylish colors and our awning fabrics are available in over 180 distinct colors and patterns
  • Shape – We have window awnings in rectangular, round, and elongated dome styles

In addition to being customizable, our window awnings are built to last. Our fabrics are made of 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic fibers, which resist color running and fading as well as mold and mildew growth and other water damage. Additionally, the stainless steel hardware we use for our awnings will not rot or rust, and the color of the frames will not fade due to sun exposure. What’s more, our awnings can withstand winds greater than the industry-recommended 45 mph – now that’s strong!

To learn more about the benefits of having our custom window awnings made for your home in Hamden, CT, call 1-800-SUNESTA today.