Awning Covers Provide Protection for Your Sunesta Shade System When It’s Not in Use

Awning Covers Provide Protection for Your Sunesta Shade System When It’s Not in Use

Awning CoversAwning covers are the perfect solution for safeguarding your Sunesta Retractable Awnings when they are retracted and not being used. No matter the model or size of Sunesta Awning you have on your home, you can rest assured that we have a product that has been designed for its protection.

The Sunboot is a seasonal cover that’s ideal for situations when you won’t be using your Sunesta Retractable Awning for a longer period of time, such as if you live in an area with frigid winters and don’t intend to use your patio awning for several months. The Sunboot is an acrylic fabric that completely covers the awning and can be fully closed with Velcro along the entire width of the awning. Since the Velcro straps are so easy to use, however, removing the Sunboot is simple, should a day come along when you wish to use your awning.

Awning covers are sure to extend the life of your shade system by keeping it defended against:

  • Hail, snow, ice, and other inclement weather
  • Dirt and debris
  • Nesting animals and insects
  • And other nuisances

Of course, Sunesta has other ways of keeping your awnings protected, too. For instance, Sunesta Retractable Awnings have optional features like SmartHood™ and SmartCase™ that keep them sheltered on a daily basis, whenever they’re retracted. SmartCase offers 360 degrees of complete fabric protection, as it completely covers the awning in a cassette. SmartCase also removes leaves and debris every time the awning is retracted. SmartHood is a one-piece, weather-sealed aluminum hood that provides additional coverage, especially from snow and ice.

Call 1-800-SUNESTA today to learn more about our awning covers. We’ll be happy to help you identify which options will best suit your needs.