Awnings and Canopies Custom-Made for Your Home by Sunesta

Awnings and Canopies Custom-Made for Your Home by Sunesta

Awnings and canopiesIf you’re looking for awnings and canopies for your home, consider a retractable awning from Sunesta. All of our awnings are custom-made, and thanks to our computer-aided manufacturing process, we’re able to produce them with great precision. So whether you’re looking for an awning for your window, door, deck, or patio, Sunesta can create an awning that fits your space perfectly. We even offer freestanding shelters, which are perfect for creating shaded areas away from your home, in your backyard or by your pool.

In addition to being custom-manufactured, Sunesta Retractable Awnings are highly durable. Our fabric is composed of acrylic fiber that is 100 percent solution dyed, resulting in exceptional resistance to fading and the growth of mildew. Moreover, our awnings are the first and only in the industry to have achieved approval status from the Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Codes for resistance to high-speed winds.

There are many more reasons to choose Sunesta for your awnings and canopies, including our:

  • Fabric styles – With more than 180 distinct fabric styles, we offer the largest selection in the industry, making it easy for you to find the right color or pattern to match your home.
  • Accessories – From motorized operation to drop-down valances, our add-on features can enrich the functionality of your awning.
  • Customer service – All Sunesta awnings are given a unique SmartCode™ number, allowing us to identify the specifics of your particular awning and provide personalized assistance should you ever need it in the future.

For more information about the awnings and canopies we offer homeowners, call 1-800-SUNESTA today.