Awnings and Ultraviolet Light: Why Northeastern Residents Should Consider Installing An Awning

While the Northeastern United States is generally subject to more frigid winters and mild summers in comparison to its Southeastern counterpart, that doesn’t mean those states are subject to less ultraviolet radiation.

In fact, this region of the country is especially vulnerable to sun exposure in the summer, meaning Northeastern residents may find themselves in greater need of UV protection than they realize.

But, in that case, why stop with sunscreen? As awnings can provide similar protection, they may also prove a wise investment for your home or business.

Perfectly Protected Under An Awning

While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) explains that SPF ratings reveal “the relative amount of sunburn protection that a sunscreen can provide an average user … when correctly used,” awnings are actually rated according to a different system.

Albeit similar in nature, awnings and other such fabric-based products are rated according to ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF.

And the reason such protection is especially important for residents of the Northeast is that the American Cancer Society found that “many of the states with the highest rates of melanoma due to UV radiation” were along the Northeast — such as New Jersey and New Hampshire.

Not All Awnings Are Made Equal

While a variety of awnings on the market today boast their ability to protect users from the sun, not all are necessarily optimized to protect against damaging ultraviolet light, in specific.

But, in that case, how should residents of the Northeast go about searching for the best awning for their overall wellbeing?

Simple: We recommend that consumers search for products bearing the Skin Cancer Foundation’s general Seal of Recommendation. In particular, these awnings are not only rated with a minimum of UPF 30 and above, but they also meet industry standards for standard testing methods.

Onward To Your Awning

When searching for the right protective awning for your home, it may prove difficult to find a product that is both approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation and custom-designed to fit your home’s specifications.

But that’s where Sunesta comes in.

Not only have our products — including over 50 of our fabric options — received the Seal of Recommendation, but each retractable Sunesta awning is also designed according to your home’s dimensions and color palette!

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can stay up to 20 degrees cooler while mitigating harmful sun damage, it’s time to contact Sunesta! Get your free estimate today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA.