Awnings for Decks

Custom-Made Awnings for Decks

Awnings for DecksSunesta custom manufactures awnings for decks in order to meet the specific needs and preferences of every customer. Featuring SmartFold™ technology, our awnings can fit virtually any outdoor space, with projections up to 14’8” and widths up to 40’ (exactly measured to the inch). Plus, homeowners can choose from more than 180 fabric patterns, including solids and striped patterns in a variety of colors, as well as select from several frame finishes – which means that Sunesta Awnings can beautifully complement any home and any taste.

But Sunesta’s level of customization does not end with sizing and aesthetic options. There is also a wealth of optional features available for homeowners wanting awnings installed for their decks. Some of our most popular features include:

  • SmartCase™ – This is a protective cassette that houses the awning when it’s retracted. This feature not only shields the awning’s fabric, but also removes leaves and debris from the top of the awning every time it’s drawn in.
  • SmartDrop™ – When the sun is lower in the sky, a valance can be dropped from the awning’s front bar for extra sun protection, keeping the deck shaded no matter the hour of the day.
  • SmartPower™ – The motorized SmartPower™ option lets the homeowner extend or retract the awning with a simple push of a button.
  • SmartControl™ – Motion and sun sensors are the epitome of efficiency, automatically extending the awnings when they are needed.
  • And more

In addition to having awnings custom made to suit their decks and other outdoor spaces, homeowners enjoy many other benefits by having a Sunesta Awning installed. For instance, deck awnings typically provide shade over a number of the home’s windows, naturally lowering the home’s interior temperature and reducing utility costs. Furthermore, because deck awnings expand the home’s outdoor living space, homeowners also usually see an increase in their home’s resale value.

To learn more about Sunesta’s custom-manufactured awnings for decks, please call us at 1-800-SUNESTA today.