Canvas Awnings

Canvas Awnings vs. Acrylic Awnings

Canvas AwningsIf you’ve been considering canvas awnings for your home, you may wish to learn more about acrylic alternatives before you make your final decision. Both materials are commonly used in residential awning products, and they tend to be comparable in price. However, in terms of durability, canvas often falls short. Made from ordinary cotton fibers, canvas fabrics are flimsier and less able to stand up to the elements. For instance, because canvas absorbs moisture from rain, snow, and dew, it is prone to a number of wear and tear issues, including:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Rotting

Additionally, many homeowners find that their canvas awnings tend to fade over time. Sunlight is especially harsh on canvas, and in just a few short years, a vibrant awning can be reduced to a dull, muted version of its former self. Pollen and dirt can also discolor a canvas awning, and these stains are extremely difficult to remove.

At Sunesta, we’ve developed a low-maintenance alternative to canvas awnings. Our awnings are made from durable acrylic, which is extremely resistant to rotting and moisture-related damage. Plus, we use a solution-dying technique that allows our acrylic awnings to retain their color for years to come. Our acrylic is died before the fibers are even spun into yarn and woven into fabric, so the end result is colors that go all the way through – something you simply won’t find with other inferior fabrics.

To learn more about Sunesta’s exceptional outdoor living products – including our durable acrylic alternatives to canvas awnings – call 1-800-SUNESTA today.