Canvas Awnings White Bear Lake

Are Canvas Awnings the Best Option for Homes in White Bear Lake, MN?

Throughout most of the 20th century, canvas was clearly the best awning material available. Compared with other fabrics available at the time, canvas was more durable, more cost-effective, and easier to maintain. However, canvas awnings were far from perfect. Because they are made from cotton, canvas awnings are naturally absorbent, which makes them susceptible to molding, mildewing, and rotting. More recently, companies have started coating the canvas with vinyl to enhance water resistance, but it’s only a short time before the coating wears away due to natural weathering.

Fortunately, synthetic materials have come to the market that offer superior durability and water resistance. For example, at Sunesta of the Upper Midwest, we offer awnings that are made from 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic. Unlike canvas awnings, our products will never rot, mold, or mildew, and very little upkeep is required to maintain their like-new appearance.

To learn more about the advantages of choosing an acrylic awning from Sunesta of the Upper Midwest over canvas awnings, contact us today. When you do, also ask about our awnings’ premium features, such as their fully retractable operation and customization options.