Patio Awnings

Custom-Made Patio Awnings for Custom-Made Shade

Patio AwningsCustom-manufactured patio awnings from Sunesta are perfect for extending your outdoor living space and making the most of your time spent outside. With the push of a button, you can extend your Sunesta Awning for some time in the shade, or retract it and bask in the sunlight. With Sunesta, you’re in control of creating your perfect day.

The streamlined design of Sunesta Awnings allows you to keep your view, without the obstruction of support poles. Plus, with more than 180 fabric options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the ideal look to suit your taste and complement your home. Our patio awnings are also available with a variety of optional features, including:

  • A drop-down valance – Our SmartDrop™ feature allows a see-through valance to be dropped down from the front of the awning for additional protection when the sun is low.
  • Motorized operation – With SmartPower™, you can extend or retract your awning with a simple push of a button (remote control or wall-mounted).
  • Automatic sensors – Motion and sun sensors are available with SmartControl™, which will cause your awning to automatically extend at just the right times.
  • Protection when retracted – SmartCase™ provides 360 degrees of protection for your awning’s fabric when retracted, and SmartHood™ grants additional protection from snow and ice.
  • And more

When you choose a Sunesta Awning, you can feel confident about the investment you’re making for your home. That’s because we stand behind our patio awnings with outstanding warranties, and they’re the only awnings in the country to have received approval status of both Florida and Miami-Dade County Building Codes.

Contact Sunesta at 1-800-SUNESTA today to learn more about our customized patio awnings.