A Custom Roll Out Canopy From Sunesta Will Look Fantastic on Your Home

A Custom Roll Out Canopy From Sunesta Will Look Fantastic on Your Home

Roll Out canopyPurchasing a custom roll out canopy from Sunesta grants you access to the benefits of a custom made product, including being able to create the perfect aesthetic for your house. At Sunesta we have created our own state-of-the-art manufacturing process that gives us the ability to fabricate canopies, awnings, and other exterior shading products to the exact dimensions of your home.

In addition to size, Sunesta Canopies can be customized in many other ways. When looking for roll out canopy options for your house, it is likely that you will want to create a beautiful aesthetic that complements the existing exterior of your home. That’s why, because of the customization practices that we follow, we can offer more than 150 different colors and patterns of fabrics. In addition to colors, our canopies can be further customized by style. Some of the different types of awnings we offer include:

  • Window awnings – A stationary awning that is placed atop windows for added protection from the sun or weather
  • Pergola covers – A canopy that will effectively retract to your home and can go over skylights, sunrooms, or pergolas
  • Patio awnings – Our signature line of retractable awnings will completely cover any dimensions of patio space leaving it completely shaded
  • And more

Sunesta has a proven track record for being devoted to customer service. Not only do we have fast turnaround times and exceptional warranties, but each of our products comes marked with a unique SmartCode™ number that will allow us to look up your unique product even several years down the road to provide you with assistance.

For more information about our roll out canopy options, call 1-800-SUNESTA today. We proudly serve homeowners across the United States.