Deck Awnings

Sunesta Deck Awnings Provide the Ultimate Outdoor Comfort for Homeowners

Deck AwningsHomeowners with deck awnings by Sunesta enjoy the ultimate in outdoor comfort. That’s because Sunesta Awnings are retractable and custom-made to suit each homeowner’s specific needs and style. With just the press of a button, a Sunesta Awning can be extended for shade, or retracted for soaking in the sun. By night, you can retract your awning and gaze upon the starry sky. Plus, our awnings don’t need support poles or frames, which means the view remains unobstructed and the space uncluttered. Furthermore, when it comes to customization, Sunesta sets the bar. Homeowners have more than 180 fabric options and several frame colors to choose from, as well as a multitude of optional features, such as motorized operation, remote control, motion and sun sensors, and much more.

Aside from their many custom options, deck awnings from Sunesta offer multiple benefits to homeowners. Sunesta Awnings are great investments because they:

  • Beautify the home – Awnings create an attractive profile for the home and their custom appearance makes each home look unique.
  • Expand the home’s living space – Deck awnings effectively expand the living area of the home by creating an outdoor room, which can increase the home’s resale value.
  • Lead to energy savings – An awning will naturally shade and cool the interior of the home, keeping the HVAC system from working as hard and saving the homeowner in energy costs.
  • Are backed by unparalleled warranties – For additional peace of mind, each of our deck awnings comes with warranties for the frame, motor, and fabric.

Sunesta even takes customer service to a whole other level with its revolutionary SmartCode™ system. This system ensures that every custom-made Sunesta Awning is given a unique identification code. This allows us to track every customer’s order details for instant and accurate service.

For more information about Sunesta’s deck awnings, and to start designing your own personal oasis, contact us at 1-800-SUNESTA today.