Deck Canopies

Deck Canopies From Sunesta Are the Perfect Addition to Any Home

Deck CanopiesWhy are Sunesta’s retractable deck canopies the perfect addition to any home? For one, they provide the luxury of a shaded deck. With the simple turn of a handle or push of a button, you can extend your canopy to provide shade from the afternoon sun, or to provide partial protection from a light rainstorm. Likewise, Sunesta’s retractable deck canopies can be easily retracted, giving you the ability to roll your awning up for complete visibility of the nighttime sky.

Sunesta’s canopies come in many styles. We have retractable awnings that can mount to your wall or roofline; freestanding shelters that can stand on their own (away from the walls of your home); covers that can mount atop existing structures like pergolas; and much, much more. Additionally, our deck canopies are customizable in myriad ways. For example, we offer:

  • Custom sizing – Using a computer-aided manufacturing process, we can craft canopies to fit your space exactly, right down to the inch.
  • A giant fabric selection – In fact, it’s one of the industry’s largest collections with more than 180 different colors and patterns.
  • Add-on features – From motorization to sun and wind sensors, Sunesta offers plenty of ways to upgrade the functionality of your canopy.

In addition to making highly-customizable canopies, Sunesta is also committed to ensuring that our products last. That’s why our awnings and canopies are supported by strong steel frames and our fabric is woven from inorganic fibers that are resistant to mold and mildew growth.

For more information about Sunesta’s custom-made deck canopies, call 1-800-SUNESTA today. We proudly serve all of the United States.