What is the Difference Between a Canopy & an Awning?

What is the Difference Between a Canopy & an Awning?

Many people use the terms ‚Äúcanopy” and ‚Äúawning” interchangeably to describe an exterior shade device that can be added to a home to create an outdoor area that’s sheltered from the sun and rain. But technically there is a difference between the two. Awnings are typically attached to a home’s exterior wall to provide shade over a window, door, or patio. Canopies are fabric coverings that provide shelter for a freestanding structure, such as a pergola.

The primary reason that homeowners have awnings and canopies installed on their homes is to enjoy shade from the sun, which can make spending time in outdoor living spaces more enjoyable. However, these shade devices can also serve as eye-catching accents for your home, and you’ll want to shop for products that will appeal to your aesthetic tastes and deliver long-lasting beauty. Here are some important factors to consider:

Color & Style Selections

You no doubt want your home’s exterior to reflect your individual tastes. You’ll also want your awning or canopy to complement the architectural style of your home. That’s why it’s important to choose a shade company that offers an abundance of styles, colors, stripes, and patterns to choose from.

Additional Customization Opportunities

It’s a good idea to choose a covering that’s custom-manufactured to fit the precise measurements of the area you wish to shade. This will ensure that your awning or canopy will look great and operate as designed. If convenience is important to you, you’ll also want to choose a supplier with retractable shade options that can be operated manually or by motorized remote control.

Quality of Materials

The caliber of the fabric and hardware that is used to manufacture your canopy or awning is one of the most important factors to consider because it will affect how long your shade will last and how much work you’ll have to do to keep it looking beautiful. If the product comes with an extensive warranty, that’s an indication of overall quality.

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