Do Solar Shades Work?

Do Solar Shades Work?

Do Solar Shades Work?Have you had one too many parties or afternoons where you were simply trying to relax in your backyard interrupted by light rain, harsh sunlight, or nosy neighbors? If so, solar shades may be the exact solution you’ve been looking for. With a retractable screen, you will be in complete control over the amount of sunlight entering your porch, patio, or pool area so that you can begin to enjoy your outdoor living space more than ever before.

When you turn to Sunesta for solar shades, you will be choosing to work with a company that makes all of its shading solutions to order. This will allow you to select from a wide variety of fabrics to suit the unique needs you have for your shades. We offer a wide variety of solutions to resolve the issues you’re having in your backyard, including:

  • Bug screens to provide protection against pesky insects
  • Clear vinyl windows to keep you protected against rain and cold weather
  • Solar mesh to block out the sun and create a shaded oasis
  • Opaque fabrics for added privacy

Customer Service

At Sunesta, we specialize in providing customer service that is unlike any other competing companies. Where our customer service really stands out is with our impressive warranties that cover all of our solar shade products. Plus, in order to easily identify the exact specifications of your product down the line, we will pair it with a SmartCode™ number so that we can provide you with personalized service, even many years down the road.

For more information about the solar shades we offer to residents throughout the United States, contact us today at 1-800-SUNESTA.