Door Awnings Minnetonka MN

Sunesta® Retractable Door Awnings Provide Minnetonka Area Homeowners with Shade, Beauty, and Protection from the Rain

Many times people get stuck waiting outside home doors when it’s pouring rain or blistering hot. This can especially be an inconvenience when there are groceries, important documents, birthday gifts, or other meaningful items involved. With door awnings from Sunesta® of Upper Midwest, however, homeowners never have to worry again that they or their visitors will get stuck in rough weather. All Sunesta® door awnings are custom-made for a perfect fit over doorways to provide the ideal amount of coverage.

Customers throughout the Minnetonka area also enjoy the following benefits when they have us install Sunesta® door awnings on their homes:

  • Long-lasting performance – These awnings will provide shade and weather protection for years as they’re built with a durable aluminum frame and fade- and rot-resistant acrylic awning fabric.
  • Aesthetic customization – Along with customizing the widths and projections, homeowners can choose from more than 150 different fabric colors and patterns to have a design that suits their homes.
  • Improve energy efficiency – If there are windows in or near your door, these awnings will help keep solar energy out, making it easier for HVAC units to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Contact Sunesta® of the Upper Midwest today to learn all about the incredible Sunesta® retractable door awnings we offer and install for Minnetonka area residents.