Exterior Awnings

Exterior Awnings & Custom Shading Solutions Offered by Sunesta

Exterior AwningsExterior awnings come in many shapes and sizes, and nobody better understands this than Sunesta. Since 1981, we have provided homeowners with custom shading solutions that are tailored to their own unique outdoor living spaces. From windows and doors to decks and patios, our specialty is manufacturing awnings that are designed to fit each individual space exactly. We can even make awnings for existing structures, such as pergolas, and have fostered the advent of freestanding shelters for homeowners seeking shaded areas away from the walls of their homes. So, no matter what kind of awnings that you’re looking for, you can trust Sunesta for a personalized solution.

In addition to size, there are many other ways to personalize Sunesta’s exterior awnings, including:

  • Fabric style – we offer the largest fabric selection in the industry, making it easy for our customers to find an aesthetic that matches their unique tastes and homes.
  • Frame color – unlike those of our competitors, our frames are available in several different colors for ultimate customization.
  • Accessories – our awnings can be complemented by many add-on features for enhanced functionality, including motorization and sun sensors.

Where Sunesta is committed to custom awnings, so too are we committed to personalized customer service. All of our exterior awnings are given a unique SmartCode™ number so we can identify them individually, enabling us to provide personalized assistance should you ever need it in the future.

For more information about exterior awnings, call 1-800-SUNESTA today. We are here to help you develop the perfect shading system for your home.