Residential Window Awning Design Ideas

For Residential Window Awning Design Ideas, Sunesta is Your Go-To Expert

Residential Window Awning Design IdeasIf you’re looking for residential window awning design ideas that offer a practical value and promise a touch of flair for your home, turn to the shading experts at Sunesta. We’ve been at the forefront of new ideas in the residential awnings industry since our company’s founding in 1981. Indeed, Sunesta led the way in developing pre-manufactured retractable awnings that could be customized to suit a homeowner’s tastes. Our history includes a long list of advances that have improved the design, performance, and durability of retractable awnings, as well as the availability of aesthetic choices such as colored frames and a seemingly endless assortment of colors and patterns for the fabric.

Whether you’re looking for fixed window awnings that will prevent light and heat from penetrating the glass whenever the sun is out, or retractable awnings that allow you to shade your windows only when you want to, Sunesta has you covered. Whatever canopy you choose, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • Synthetic fabric that’s made to resist fading and the growth of mold and mildew, so your window awnings will accent your home with vibrant beauty for many years to come
  • Sturdy frames made of aluminum and steel, and powder-coated to create a finish that is more than four times the thickness of paint, which makes them easy to clean with just the wipe of a cloth
  • A comprehensive warranty on all parts of your awning that’s among the best in the industry, so you’ll have peace of mind that your investment is protected

In addition, when you choose one of our retractable awnings, you may be able to also select one or more of our innovative accessories. These include SmartTilt™, which allows you to easily adjust the angle of your awning to accommodate shifts in the sun’s position, and sun sensors that can automatically retract or extend your awning when the time is right, even if you’re not home.

For more residential window awning design ideas, check out our picture gallery and then contact us today at 1-800-SUNESTA.