House Awning

Get Your House Awning From Sunesta – A Pioneer in Retractable Home Awning Systems

House awningWith a house awning, you’ll be able to turn your ordinary backyard into a shaded oasis. Imagine a cool, comfortable terrace where you can read, relax, or curl up for a catnap. With Sunesta Awnings, the possibilities are endless.

At Sunesta, we’re proud to offer retractable home awnings that offer maximum flexibility. You won’t be stuck with just one configuration – instead, you’ll be able to truly engineer your perfect day. Enjoy the natural surroundings of your yard from the comfort of a shaded deck or porch, and when you’re ready for the sun, retract the awning and soak up the warmth. With a house awning from Sunesta, you’ll truly be able to tailor your outdoor living space to your liking.

Our versatile awnings can be:

  • Mounted directly to the side of your home
  • Attached to your roof or soffit system
  • Freestanding (set up away from the walls of your home)

Plus, our house awning fabric comes in more than 180 gorgeous styles. We make our awnings from tightly woven acrylic fibers, which can filter out the sun and make water droplets roll right off, while remaining resistant to fading for years to come. Whether you’re envisioning a subtle neutral canopy or a bright rainbow of stripes, there’s sure to be a Sunesta Awning to complement your home’s unique aesthetic and suit your taste. Because each system is made to order, we’ll be sure to customize yours to suit your specific needs.

For information about obtaining a Sunesta Awning for your house, call 1-800-SUNESTA today.