COVID-19 Update from Sunesta

As always, the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. Our manufacturing facility is open, and we will continue operations for as long as we are safely able to do so. We are strictly following all CDC and local health authority guidelines to help limit the spread of COVID-19, both at our facilities and with our customers.

For homeowners who have already scheduled an appointment, or for those wishing to schedule a free estimate, we will work with you to accommodate your needs in the safest manner possible. We are available to receive your phone calls, schedule appointments, and provide estimates in a safe manner using CDC recommended guidelines.

If you currently have an appointment and would prefer to postpone or reschedule, please let us know and we will be happy to make appropriate arrangements.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to make sure your comfort and safety are our top priority.

Go, Go Gadget: Seeking Smart Options With Sunesta

We’ve spoken before about the ever-changing nature of the Midwest climate. Thus, we can confidently say that residents of this region are no strangers to adaptability.

But just as surely as the sun will rise again tomorrow, we guarantee we can rise to the occasion of enhancing your outdoor comfort and protection!

In fact, here at Sunesta, we don’t just offer the nation’s leading awnings and screens — we also provide our customers with reliable optimization options in the form of technological accessories.

The Possibilities of Power & Control

Ease and efficiency can make or break your outdoor experience, which is precisely why our products are built around industry-leading technology. Specifically, when you invest in a Sunesta awning, you’ll be able to automatically deploy or retract the durable fabric with the literal press of a button.

In short, the sun and climbing Midwestern heat are already apt at bringing on the heat at the height of the day, so why bother breaking a sweat by cranking out a manual awning? Our Smart Control and Smart Power features provide you with a wireless motor that is both app-friendly and instantaneous.

Boasting Our Bright Idea

Who says your enjoyment of your outdoor environment has to end when the sun goes down? With Sunesta’s optional Smart Lights, you can now set the evening ambiance by utilizing softly-glowing LED awning lights at your leisure.

After all, the insistent humidity that is signature of the Midwest begins to cool into a more comfortable climate at night, meaning you may find yourself even more tempted to remain outside as the stars peek out. So why not keep them company with some innovative lights of your own?

Enjoying The Ease Of Adjustments

We know the pain of squinting and shading your eyes as the sun itself begins to burn and obscure your vision. But don’t worry, you can stop shuffling and turning your seat, now. After all, just because the sun goes down and is now sitting at the wrong angle, that doesn’t mean you’ll be left without the protection of your awning!

In fact, our awnings boast a unique SmartTilt technology, specifically designed to enhance your outdoor comfort as the day wears on. Put simply, you have the ability to adjust your awning at will, thereby creating your own shade as well as adapting to both the hour of the day and the angle of the sun.

So, are you ready to mitigate sun-related discomfort around your Midwestern home or business? Then it’s time to contact Sunesta!

With custom-designed American-made products, an industry-leading warranty, white-glove customer service, and FREE installation with your local dealer, we’re confident our products will have you enjoying life in the shade in no time.

Call us today at 1-800-SUNESTA to get started!