Roof Awning

Have a Custom Roof Awning Installed on Your Home by Sunesta

Roof awningHaving a roof awning installed is a great way to extend your living area and make better use of the outdoor space around your home, especially when you choose Sunesta. That’s because unlike many of our competitors, we custom-manufacture our awnings for every customer. Our computer-aided production process allows us to make awnings in specific sizes, exact to the inch, ensuring that your awning will fit your space perfectly.

Plus, with a Sunesta roof awning, you won’t have to worry about your space being cluttered or your view being obstructed. Our awnings mount to your roof securely, and are made with durable metal frames that eliminate the need for support poles, keeping the space beneath them clear. Moreover, our awnings are easily retractable, so they can be neatly tucked away along your roofline when not in use.

There are many more reasons to choose Sunesta for your new roof awning. Here are just a few:

  • Our awning fabric is woven from acrylic fiber, which is an inorganic material that is exceptionally resistant to the growth of mildew and rot.
  • We use a 100 percent solution dying process to color our fabric, meaning that it’s incredibly resistant to fading and running.
  • We offer more than 180 fabric styles, (which is the largest selection in the industry), making it easy for you to find the perfect match for your home.

In addition, we offer a wide range of optional features that can enhance the functionality of your roof awning. For example, you can choose to have your awning motorized and operated by a remote control. We can even add wind and sun sensors that will automatically retract or extend your awning when needed.

If you’re interested in having a roof awning installed for your home, call 1-800-SUNESTA today.