COVID-19 Update from Sunesta

As always, the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. Our manufacturing facility is open, and we will continue operations for as long as we are safely able to do so. We are strictly following all CDC and local health authority guidelines to help limit the spread of COVID-19, both at our facilities and with our customers.

For homeowners who have already scheduled an appointment, or for those wishing to schedule a free estimate, we will work with you to accommodate your needs in the safest manner possible. We are available to receive your phone calls, schedule appointments, and provide estimates in a safe manner using CDC recommended guidelines.

If you currently have an appointment and would prefer to postpone or reschedule, please let us know and we will be happy to make appropriate arrangements.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to make sure your comfort and safety are our top priority.

Hiding from the Heat By Optimizing Your Property: Living Midwestern Life in the Shade

Just because you want to be outside doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be sunbathing.

Whether you’re avoiding sunburns, trying to maintain some cool comfort, or just generally feel like lounging as long as possible, one thing is for sure: that backyard tree does not provide ample covers.

But who says you can’t create your own?

So, if you’re wondering how in the world to customize your at-home shade, don’t worry! Sunesta has got you covered… literally.

Take It Up A Notch With Tech

We live in an era where efficiency and expediency are paramount, so why shouldn’t your outdoor solutions be just as user-friendly?

After all, Sunesta offers quality awning and screen add-ons for you to choose from, ranging from wind and sun sensors to other forms of technological accessories that will help further protect you from even the hottest Midwestern days.

For example, you’ll find enhanced solutions in:

  • The SmartTilt — As the sun moves throughout the day, so will your awning. You don’t have to worry about switching chairs or scooting further in toward the walls of your property to avoid sun exposure when our SmartTilt technology monitors the sun for you and adjusts accordingly.
  • Smart LED Awning Lights — Just because you don’t want sunlight doesn’t mean you don’t want light. That’s why we offer Smart LED lights, because whether you’re reading a book or planning to keep the poolside party going after dark, we’re here to offer you the bright solution you deserve.
  • Smart Control and Smart Power — With an app-friendly wireless motor that offers you the ability to unfurl your awning or lower your screen instantaneously, you’ll never again have to break a sweat with a manual crank. Sweet, simple, and easy!

Weaving You A New Solution

Did you know, here at Sunesta, we make our awnings with 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers that are interwoven to run the entire length of our product?

In other words, our awnings effectively protect your property from the Midwest sun, rain, and other elements. What’s more, the awning fabric itself can be color-customized from an inventory of over 130 fabrics to aesthetically match your home or business’s overall exterior.

But don’t forget about our screens! With 25 different mesh fabric options to enhance your privacy, keep you cool, and block the entry of pests — in addition to five different frame options to keep the color palette consistent — living life in the shade will be no problem.

Dealing In Dimensions

You know what you need for your home and your family, which is why you should never settle for standard in-the-box products. It’s also why Sunesta offers industry-leading awnings that are custom-designed within five days according to your property’s precise dimensions!

Made in America and installed for free by your local Midwestern dealer, our solutions are designed to fit your life.

So, are you ready to stay up to 20 degrees cooler this summer? Then contact us today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA to get started!