Infallible Fabrics for Southeastern Awnings

Let’s be honest: winter in the Southeast can be… A little short-lived.

While perfect for those seeking the comfort of a bright and balmy climate, it does still present unique obstacles to those looking to make their outdoor property last as long as the warmer months.

Thankfully, Sunesta is familiar with these struggles and is more than equipped to tackle them head-on by virtue of our top-rated fabric options!

When You’re Counting On Options

When we say our customers are offered the best in terms of quality and customization, we don’t just mean the dimensions of our industry-leading awnings — we also mean our fabrics.

With a fabric collection spanning over 150 different colors, shades, and pattern options, we guarantee we have the material to both match and enhance your home’s overall curb appeal, value, and comfort!

From livening up a demure exterior to enhancing the vibrancy of your home’s existing color palette, our patterns will more than please. They’ll exceed your expectations.

Where Protection Meets Performance

Come time to shield yourself from the unyielding Southeastern sun, Sunesta fabrics are also a top-performing product in terms of protection in that many of them feature an effective ultraviolet protection factor.

“Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) indicates how much UV radiation (both UVB and UVA) a fabric allows to reach your ski,” as explained by the Skin Cancer Foundation. “For example, a UPF 50 fabric blocks 98 percent of the sun’s rays and allows two percent (1/50th) to penetrate, thus reducing your exposure risk significantly.”

Specifically, our unparalleled awning fabrics offer a UPF of 30 or more, and have thereby been stamped with the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation!

Sunesta Strength For The Southeast

So we’ve touched on the protection and aesthetic and value of our fabrics, but what is the bottom line of best-quality? Longevity.

Particularly when your awning has to weather the Southeastern climate and tropical systems, strength is paramount in any outdoor fixture you may invest in. That’s why our fabrics are constructed of the following synthetic fibers:

  • Acrylic
  • Vinyl
  • Polyester
  • Or a blend of the aforementioned

Simply put, solution-dyed synthetic fibers are more durable than traditional canvas materials, rendering our fabric resistant to mold, rot, sun damage, and more!

So, are you ready to stay up to 20 degrees cooler while reveling in the clean comfort of your Sunesta awning? Then it’s time to get your FREE estimate!

To get started, contact our team by calling 1-800-SUNESTA. Not only will we provide you with free installation and white-glove customer service, but you’ll also receive an industry-leading warranty. Live life in the shade with Sunesta today!