Privacy Screen

Install a Privacy Screen for Added Comfort at your Residence

Privacy ScreenFor maximum comfort, consider a privacy screen for your patio, lanai, doors, or windows made by Sunesta. Since 1981, we have been manufacturing custom shade solutions for our customers so that they can enjoy the beauty that natural sunlight has to offer while being protected from light that is too intense and the harmful effects of UV rays. Our retractable screen products are designed to give you full control over how much shade protection you want from the sun, inclement weather, and insects as well as the privacy you’re looking for, with your choice of different fabrics to achieve the coverage you want.

When you choose Sunesta to make a privacy screen, you’ll get to choose from different screen types that offer different benefits, such as:

  • Screens that will block out insects, leaves, and other common outdoor nuisances from invading your oasis while maintaining free airflow
  • Solar mesh that will allow you to keep a view of your property while blocking sunlight, reducing the temperature, and controlling the wind that enters the protected area
  • Clear vinyl windows that block all types of precipitation and wind, keep out pests, and allow for excellent temperature control for year-round enjoyment
  • Opaque fabrics that allow for optimal privacy and room brightness control

In addition to screen type, you’ll be able to customize your retractable privacy screen with a number of different accessories, including motorized operation with or without a remote control, a protective casing, a weatherproof brush for a perfect seal, and more.

To get started designing a Sunesta privacy screen for your home, call us today at 1-800-SUNESTA.