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Mosquitoes in the Midwest: Can Screens Offer Adequate Protection?

When you’re itching to get back outside, nothing should stand in your way. After all, with the sun out, the snowy clouds finally receding, and the warmer breezes blowing in to welcome the new season, who wouldn’t want to be spending their days outdoors?

The answer: Those doing their best to avoid mosquitoes.

If you’re ready to launch into the coming summer uninhibited by mosquitoes in the Midwest, here’s what you need to know… 

Mosquitoes in the Midwest

While one might often think of mosquitoes as the sort of insect that primarily proliferates around warmer coastal areas, the Midwest is not without its fair share of biting bugs. In fact, according to the Midwest Center of Excellence, there are approximately 50 different types of mosquitoes found in the Upper Midwest alone.

And what’s more? Mosquitoes can cause more than just irritation and itchiness.

On the contrary, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that mosquitoes are capable of carrying a variety of diseases in addition to bacteria, with West Nile Virus being the most commonly-occurring mosquito-borne virus in the country.

Thus, mosquito management and prevention should remain a concern today for residents of this region.

Mitigating Mosquito Misery

In the Midwest, mosquito season typically spans from February through November, rendering the rainiest months of the year the most mosquito-ridden. And when it comes to keeping them out of your home or business? Screens are an ideal mitigation method!

For example, both the Missouri Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend that property owners keep their screens in optimal condition — including repairing rips and tears in a timely manner — in order to prevent these insects from invading their personal space.

Additionally, by investing in a custom-designed screen, one can better ensure not only that there will be no small gaps for mosquitoes to squeeze through, but that they’re also provided with enhanced privacy and protection from prying eyes and other outdoor elements.

Say “No” To Scratches With Sunesta

So you know your Midwest residence could use a mosquito-blocking screen, but you don’t know where to find the best product for your property. Don’t worry, the answer is simple: You call your local dealer to help you fortify your home with a custom retractable Sunesta screen!

When you experience the Sunesta difference, you won’t just relish mosquito-free relaxation; rather you’ll also be able to remain up to 20 degrees cooler in hot weather and enjoy enhanced curb appeal with your choice of 25 fabric options!

Plus, not only will you receive a free estimate and free installation by your local dealer, but you’ll also be provided with the nation’s leading warranty.

Mosquito season is back in swing, so why not savor safety behind a Sunesta screen? Call 1-800-SUNESTA today to get started!