Motorized Retractable Window Awnings

Motorized Retractable Window Awnings From Sunesta Put Shade at Your Fingertips

Motorized Retractable Window AwningsWhen you choose motorized retractable window awnings from Sunesta to accessorize your home, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds – sun when you want it, and shade when you need it – with just the touch of a button. Our widely popular SmartPower™ option can be added to your retractable awnings so that all you need to do is press a button on your wall-mounted or remote control unit to extend or pull back your beautiful Sunesta shades.

The primary reason most customers choose retractable window awnings is to take full advantage of the power of shade to control the amount of light and heat from the sun that infiltrates their home through the glass. During the warm summer months, for example, blocking that heat infiltration will help you retain comfortable indoor temperatures with less reliance on your cooling system. In the wintertime, however, you may wish to harness the sun’s rays to help warm your home. That’s a good time to retract your awnings, let the sun shine in, and reduce your need to turn up the thermostat. Indeed, shrewd use of shading can potentially lead to savings on your monthly energy bills. And Sunesta makes it convenient to do that with our motorized retractable canopies.

Retractable awnings also come in handy when high winds threaten. Although Sunesta awnings are highly wind-resistant, there may be times when you want to safeguard them from stormy weather by pulling them in.

When you choose one of our motorized retractable awnings, you’ll also enjoy the following:

  • Sturdy construction frames and synthetic fabric that resists fading and mildew, available in one of most generous selections of colors and patterns in the industry
  • The option to further accessorize your motorized awning with wind and sun sensors, as well as other features available to enhance the convenience or protection of your awning
  • A five-year warranty on our SmartPower™ feature, plus a comprehensive warranty on all parts of your awning that’s one of the best in the industry

To learn more about our motorized retractable window awnings, as well as our retractable patio awnings and screens, contact Sunesta today.