Patio Awning Jacksonville FL

Adding a Patio Awning to Your Jacksonville, FL, Home or Business is All About Timing

A retractable patio awning is a time machine of sorts for your Jacksonville, Florida, home or business. While it can’t send you hurdling back through the years or forward into the distant future, it can slow down the hectic pace of life enough to provide a few moments of rest and relaxation. What’s more, a patio awning can turn 3 p.m. into dusk, at least in terms of your comfort level. Instead of having to endure a hot and blinding sun blazing overhead, you can instead enjoy the cooler temperatures and muted light of sunset.

At ArmorGuard Exteriors, we’re ready to help you increase the hours you can spend enjoying the outdoors by installing a retractable patio awning from Sunesta, a leading manufacturer of outdoor shade solutions. These top-of-the-line American-made products are made to last and:

  • Feature a large selection of fabric patterns and colors in solution-dyed acrylic that resists fading and color running and hinders the growth of mold and mildew
  • Can have numerous accessories added, such as wireless remote operation and weathertight covers that allow you to customize your awning to perfectly suit your needs
  • Are covered by a lifetime frame warranty and a 10-year fabric warranty so that your investment is protected

Isn’t it about time you reaped the benefits a patio awning can provide your home in Jacksonville, FL? Contact ArmorGuard Exteriors today to begin the countdown.