Patio Awning Southampton

Shade or Sun: You Choose, With a Retractable Patio Awning From Sunesta for Your Home in Southampton, NY

Patio Awning Southampton NYA patio awning that retracts when you want it to can be a terrific addition to the outdoor living space at your home in Southampton, New York, or a nearby community.

After all, you might want to decorate your patio or deck with plants that need a few hours of morning sun but crave shade the rest of the day. Or, you may want to sunbathe on your patio during the morning hours but roll out the shade during the hottest part of the day, thus cutting the amount of solar heat that enters your home through the windows or glass-paned doors. That can help you stay comfortable indoors while reducing your utility bills and the strain on your air conditioner. In any case, whatever your reason for wanting to control the shade, a retractable patio awning from Sunesta can help you do it.

What’s more, we can help you do it in style. Sunesta custom-manufactures every awning to precise measurements, and offers homeowners more than 150 fabric design options, including solid colors and stripes. That’s a selection that’s among the best in the industry. In addition, our retractable awnings need no support poles and can enhance the look of a home with complementary colors.

Looks aren’t everything, though. Here are some additional reasons to choose a Sunesta retractable patio awning for your home in the Southampton, NY, area:

  • Options and accessories that allow you to customize your patio awning beyond color and style
  • Our exclusive SmartCode™ system, which allows Sunesta to easily keep track of the custom selections you made for future reference
  • Highly durable synthetic fabric that won’t chip, peel off, or fade in the sun
  • Reliable performance for extended awnings in winds up to 45 mph
  • Warranties on the fabric, frame, and motor that are among the best in the industry
  • A custom fit and professional installation of your patio awning by trained technicians from authorized dealers

For more information about a custom retractable patio awning for your home in Southampton, NY, or another nearby community, contact Sunesta today. We’ll be glad to provide options that will put you in charge of the shade.