A Patio Privacy Screen From Sunesta Will Be the Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Space

A Patio Privacy Screen From Sunesta Will Be the Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Space

Patio Privacy ScreenWhen you’re looking for a patio privacy screen, turn to Sunesta. We use a specialized, computer-aided manufacturing process that allows us to craft awnings in specific sizes, right down to the inch. As a result, our privacy screens can fit over nearly any opening, from pergolas and lanais to windows and doors. And, Sunesta’s privacy screens are customizable in more ways than size. We offer a large selection of fabrics in varying colors and opacity levels, which allows you to pick a style that provides just the amount of privacy you want.

By choosing Sunesta for your patio privacy screen, you can also be assured that you’re purchasing a durable, long-lasting product. Our screens are:

  • Woven from synthetic fibers, which are resistant to the growth of mold and mildew
  • 100 percent solution dyed, meaning their coloring won’t fade in the sun or run from the rain
  • Backed by some of the industry’s most comprehensive warranties

At Sunesta, we‚Äòre equally as committed to our customers’ satisfaction as we are to providing custom, durable products. That’s why we invented the SmartCode™ system. Each of our products is given a unique number – its SmartCode™ – which allows us to identify it and all its features. This way, if any of our customers need help years down the line, we can just look the product up and provide personalized assistance.

If you’d like to have a patio privacy screen installed at your home, call 1-800-SUNESTA today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the United States.