Patio Sun Screens

Patio Sun Screens for Homes Throughout the United States

Patio Sun Screens For top-of-the-line patio sun screens, turn to the experts at Sunesta. We manufacture custom-made shade solutions, which means your screens will flawlessly fit the precise dimensions of your patio – a look that cannot be achieved by the screens at large box stores. After you have your new sun screens installed, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living area like never before, since you’ll no longer be bothered by:

  • Harsh sunlight
  • Biting insects
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Cold weather

Plus, our patio sun screens are retractable. You can easily roll them up when you want to enjoy some extra sunshine and roll them back down when you feel like enjoying a cool, private retreat. Our shades are a great compromise for those who want an enclosed outdoor space but don’t want to commit to anything permanent.

In addition to the outstanding patio screens we offer, we also provide exceptional customer service. Your new screens will come with unique SmartCode™ numbers that will give us access to the details of your order. This allows us to quickly help you if you need any assistance down the road. Also, your solar screens will come backed with industry-leading warranties, so you can rest assured your investment remains protected.

For more information about the patio sun screens we have available to homeowners throughout the United States call 1-800-Sunesta today. Our specialists will gladly answer any questions you have and can tell you more about all of the outstanding products we offer.