Retractable Awnings Kennebunkport ME

Sunesta® Retractable Awnings Turn Decks and Patios into More Enjoyable Spaces for Homeowners in the Kennebunkport, ME, Area

Without retractable awnings, the summer sun can make it difficult to spend time outdoors on a deck or patio. Awnings New Hampshire solves this problem for residents throughout Kennebunkport, Maine, by offering and installing Sunesta® awnings. We’re the only company in the region that can provide these retractable shade solutions and that employs the factory-trained professionals who can properly install them.

When Kennebunkport, ME, homeowners have Sunesta® awnings installed, they can enjoy a myriad of activities comfortably on their decks and patios during the summer months, including: 

  • Hosting a barbeque
  • Celebrating a birthday party
  • Reading a book
  • Chatting with family and friends
  • Eating meals outside
  • And much more

At Awnings New Hampshire, we also carry Sunesta® door and window awnings that help stop UV radiation from fading carpets and furniture. What’s more, Sunesta® awnings are always custom made, so homeowners can have awnings that fit their home’s architecture and design.

If Sunesta® retractable awnings sound like a good fit for your residence in or around Kennebunkport, ME, contact Awnings New Hampshire today.