Retractable Patio Screen Camden

The Retractable Patio Screen Enclosure of Choice Among Homeowners in Camden, NJ

If you’re looking to add a retractable patio screen enclosure to your home in or near Camden, New Jersey, the company to turn to is Paul Construction and Awning. We are proud to be a Sunesta® partner and offer their complete line of retractable screening products to homeowners throughout the region.

A Sunesta® retractable patio screen is a top choice among homeowners because it is extremely durable and customizable. Built with a powder-coated aluminum frame and acrylic fabric, Sunesta® screens can withstand the weather, throughout the four seasons. Additionally, every Sunesta® screen is custom built to a patio’s precise dimensions, so you can be confident that your screens will perfectly fit the patio at your home in Camden. You’ll also be able to choose the frame and fabric color to suit your aesthetic preferences. And, to top things off, optional add-on features are also available, such as a motor system that allows for remote control operation.

Paul Construction and Awning is ready to help you enjoy retractable patio screens at your home in or around the Camden area. To get started, contact us today.