Screens, Shade, & Solutions in the Sweltering Southeast

Residents of the Southeast find little to no reprieve from the oppressive sun, no matter what season blankets the region. As a result, sun protection and heat reduction are central to maintaining one’s safety and comfort, albeit finding the right solution may prove challenging to some.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re tired of scouring for the right way to live life up to 20 degrees cooler, simply read on! We’re here today to introduce you to three primary benefits to installing a state-of-the-art Sunesta screen:

#1 – Easily-Achieved Aesthetic

With the widest variety of color options on the market today, Sunesta’s screen selection comes replete with all hues, tones, and colors a homeowner could want for their property.

No matter what shade or palette your house consists of, your ability to customize your favorite outdoor space is ensured. From traditional tans and grays to mesh that recalls gentle hints of greens or reds, you’ll never walk away unsatisfied.

And don’t forget, it’s not just the screen fabric and color that are customizable, but also the overall dimensions of the product! This way, your screen will always be perfectly sized for your home’s exterior.

#2 – Making Privacy Your Priority

Whether you’d like fewer eyes on you while you lounge on your front porch or you’d simply prefer a more secluded area on your back patio, outdoor screens offer the ideal solution when you’re ready to prioritize your privacy.

Specifically, we manufacture screens of varying opacities, thereby matching the degree to which you’d like to shield yourself from both the Southeastern sun and your curious neighbors.

Would you like more space for yourself? Choose from one of our most opaque materials. Is your home already adequately distanced from other community members, and you don’t feel too bothered by a little more light? Feel free to also opt for another screen with greater transparency!

#3 – Battling & Beating Bugs

The insistent presence of insects in the Southeastern region is liable to make any lover of the outdoors slightly more miserable. And when you want to enjoy the fresh, cool air after a rain or simply kick back during a sunny day off of work, mosquitoes and the like are liable to drive you back inside before you’ve found such fun or fulfillment.

Luckily, Sunesta screens are also woven to varying degrees of tightness, otherwise referred to as the “openness factor” of the screen, meaning you can have greater control over whether or not pests can invade your space.

And if all three of the aforementioned options  — color, opacity, and openness factor — combined in one product sounds too good to be true, we’re here to introduce you to our industry-leading screens ourselves!

Here at Sunesta, our products are all automatically retractable, custom-designed, and 100% American-made. What’s more, when you opt for installation through your local dealer, you can see your screen unfurl for free!

So, are you ready to live life in the Southeastern shade? Then contact Sunesta today by calling 1-900-SUNESTA! We look forward to providing you with your FREE estimate.