Setting the Summer Social Scene in the Southeast: Our Top 3 Ideas

Let’s just say it like it is: Summer in the Southeast is nothing short of brutal. And from here? Well, it’s only getting hotter.

In fact, “the decade from 2010–2020 was the warmest on record for the region, and the Southeast is now experiencing a higher percentage of intensifying heat waves than any other part of the country,” according to the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit.

Of course, it’s natural that you want to congregate at the start of the season with all of your loved ones, so the only question you may have left is how to do so safely and comfortably.

And that’s precisely why we’re here to provide you with some insight and inspiration:

An Open (Ice Cream) Bar

We don’t know about you, but the scorching Southeastern heat has us screaming for ice cream! So, why not throw a cool and creamy ice cream party of your own?

We recommend setting up an ice cream bar outside, where you’ll be able to savor the melting flavors to the fullest. Plus, the kids get to have the fun of mixing and matching their own toppings, ultimately creating a cone or cup that is as unique as they are!

And if you want to help keep the party going (as well as keep the ice cream cool for as long as possible), we recommend unfurling a state-of-the-art Sunesta awning. Not only will it keep your guests and loved ones in the shade while they share a scoop, but it will keep everything up to 20 degrees cooler, no matter the day!

Crafting in Comfort

School is out, outdoor fun is in. And if your little ones are in need of a little enrichment and entertainment, nothing is quite as engaging as a crafting day.

From stickers and sparkles to scissors, bubbles, science experiments, or drawing, summer is the perfect time to get messy! Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to get sweaty, nor do you want to subject the inside of your home to any stain-inducing markers or paints.

Luckily, that’s where a custom-designed Sunesta screen comes into play!

Not only will the screen provide you with enhanced privacy while you step outdoors to craft with the kids, but it will also provide comfortable shade — not to mention a durable barrier, capable of fending off any unlucky flies that are liable to buzz their way into glue, food, or drinks.

Lighting Up the Night

While the signature Southeastern days are nothing short of sweltering, the evenings prove far more habitable.

So why not postpone the party till the stars come out? With cool beverages for the adults, glow sticks for the kids, and entrees for all, enjoyment is practically inescapable when you bask beneath the bright shelter of a Sunesta awning.

In particular, when you string LED awning lights up above, your retractable installation becomes a radiant haven for any and all guests you choose to embrace in your summer festivities.

To put it simply, no matter how you choose to celebrate the season this year, Sunesta has precisely what you need to stay cool, comfortable, and in control of your outdoor environment!

So, are you ready to learn more about our nation’s best warranty and revolutionary American-made outdoor products? Then contact our team today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA! Living life in the shade has never been this easy… and neither has scheduling your FREE in-home estimate!