Southwestern Sun vs. Sunesta Screens: A Solution Emerges

You’re sitting out on your patio, brushing the beaded sweat from your forehead and wishing there was a way to find protection from the heat and sun that is a little more… all-encompassing.

And thankfully, such a solution is not far out of reach — particularly not when you work with your local Sunesta dealer!

In fact, Sunesta screens may be exactly what you need to combat the persistent presence of sun-related heat. Here’s why:

Screening Your Color Options

While you may not stop to consider whether or not screen fabrics for your patio or pergola come in various shades of color, you might find that it’s actually just what you needed come time to install a retractable screen of your own.

After all, while we think of mesh as a continual criss-cross of fibers meant only to see through, the truth is that, particularly from a distance, the hue of the material may either clash or blend seamlessly with our home’s color palette in the Southwest — which is warm in both climate and color tone.

Thus, Sunesta offers the widest possible range of colors and tones for our state-of-the-art retractable screens, thereby offering you enhanced customization and control over your outdoor space.

Opting For Overall Opacity

Patio screens are not only capable of cleaning and clearing the visual clutter of any outdoor space, but also provide enhanced privacy by virtue of varying levels of opacity.

The more light you’d like the shine through, the less opaque your preferred material might be. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a private solution to the prying eyes of your neighbors, an opaque screen fabric will be precisely what you need.

In either case, you’re also going to experience optimized shade from the sun, thereby keeping you up to 20 degrees cooler no matter the Southwestern season.

Tight & Tough Mesh Textures

Even the dry, arid Southwest of the United States is not entirely immune to the pain of pests throughout the year. Thus, a screen fabric featuring tightly-woven fibers is ideal for providing optimal protection from bugs and outdoor debris that may blow its way in your direction.

That being said, depending on where in the region you live, you may experience more or less of the incessant insects, meaning no two home environments are the same.

Consequently, we offer screen fabrics of different openness factors, otherwise known as the “tightness” of the screen mesh’s weave. The smaller the openness factor, the better protection you’ll have from pests.

When all is said and done, everything we’ve mentioned thus far boils down to one simple fact: Sunesta’s mission is to provide you with comprehensive outdoor protection and comfort by virtue of industry-leading products!

100% American-made, custom-designed, and automatically retractable, our screens have been specifically engineered with you in mind. So, are you ready to learn more? If so, contact our team today and get your FREE estimate by calling 1-800-SUNESTA!

We look forward to helping you live life in the Southwestern shade.