Struggling with Southwestern Insects? Save Yourself with A Screen.

As if the dry, oppressive heat of the Southwestern region of the United States weren’t enough, you also have all manner of insects and critters to keep an eye out for.

Plus, when they invade your space, your energy will be only detracted from your desired summer activities and redirected, instead, toward securing your favorite outdoor space while maintaining your safety.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do this alone… at least, not when Sunesta solutions are close at hand.

A Southeastern home protected by a Sunesta screen in the summer

A Southeastern home protected by a Sunesta screen in the summer

Staving Off Southwestern Pests

According to the University of Arizona, common summertime pests in the Southwest range from sunspiders (also known as “windscorpions”) to fire ants, spider mites, and several variations of beetles.

And while some of these may be more dangerous than others, the fact remains that all of these pests are common sources of discomfort, be they the root cause of persistently itchy bites or the fearful crawling of your skin at their mere presence.

What’s worse, bug repellant is likely not enough to combat these tiny invaders. Bug repellant is, after all, only a temporary solution that will keep the pests away from you, specifically. But they do not always do the trick in terms of protecting your overall space.

Your Screen, Your Solution

What if we told you that you do not have to be left vulnerable to the whims of outdoor bugs? Moreover, what if we told you that there was a customizable solution that protected you from pests in addition to direct exposure from the brutal Southwestern sun?

Simply put, your solution is a revolutionary outdoor screen!

Comprehensively engineered to provide shade while admitting breezes, a Sunesta screen is also woven to your preference so that the pests are not permitted entry to your favorite exterior spaces. In effect, you’ll be saving yourself from the pains of insect bites… without having to retreat indoors!

Say “Hello” to Summertime Satisfaction with Sunesta

No matter your plans for the season, Sunesta is here to help you stay cool, comfortable, and positively pest-free!

Our 100% American-made screens come custom-designed according to your mesh preference and home’s unique dimensions. What’s more, your Sunesta purchase will always come with the nation’s best warranty!

No matter what, you can trust Sunesta’s outdoor comfort and protection.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today! When you call 1-800-SUNESTA, you’ll be well on your way to your FREE estimate and FREE installation by your local dealer.