Awning North Carolina

Sunesta Awning Products Can Give You the Look & Shade You Want for Your Home in NC

Awning North CarolinaCustom awning options from Sunesta can enhance your North Carolina home with style and shade wherever and whenever you want it – whether you’re picturing canopies over windows and doors or a retractable shade over your patio.

At Sunesta, a longtime leader in the custom retractable awning industry, we take pride in helping you engineer the perfect day with shade options that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and a nearly endless list of possible sizes to fit whatever space you have in mind. Not only do we have the perfect look for your home in North Carolina, but every awning we manufacture has a practical use as well because shading windows and glass-pane doors is an effective way to limit the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Thus, an awning can help protect your furniture against fading and also help keep unwanted heat from the sun from penetrating your home and causing you to run your air conditioner more than necessary to keep your indoors comfortable. A retractable awning can help even further with energy efficiency, as you can extend or retract it according to the season. In the winter, for instance, allowing the sun’s heat to infiltrate your home could help reduce your heating needs and thus lower your energy bills.

However, beyond energy efficiency, we understand that looks and durability are also important, and Sunesta has you covered there, too. Consider these benefits that make us stand out in the awning industry:

  • Our synthetic fabric resists fading and mildew and comes in more than 150 colors and patterns, so that you can be sure to find the look you want for your home.
  • We offer some of the best warranties in the business, which gives you confidence in the durability of your Sunesta Awning.

In addition, we offer an exceptional array of awning accessories, from wireless remote controls and automatic sensors to retractable screens that can transform your outdoor living space into a temporary room on demand. For more information about how we can meet your needs for shade at your home in North Carolina, contact Sunesta today.