Awning Georgia

Have a Sunesta Awning Installed on Your Home in Georgia to Enjoy the Shade or Sunshine at Your Command

Awning GeorgiaSunesta is a custom awning manufacturer that has served homeowners in Georgia since 1981. We specialize in retractable awnings, which allow you to enjoy the sun when you want it and the shade when you need it. Push a button or turn a handle to extend your awning and enjoy the shade, then do the same to retract it and enjoy the sun or a clear view of the night sky. We also offer other convenient features like sun and wind sensors that will automatically extend and retract your awning based on the weather.

At Sunesta, we strive to earn the total satisfaction of our customers in Georgia. That’s why, in addition to being retractable, our awnings have many other wonderful benefits. For example:

  • Our awnings are available in more than 150 fabric styles.
  • Our fabric is 100 percent solution dyed and woven from synthetic fibers.
  • Our frames are powder-coated with a finish that is four to eight times thicker than paint.
  • Our awnings are backed by competitive warranties.

Plus, at Sunesta, we use a computer-aided manufacturing process that enables us to make awnings in specific sizes. In fact, we can build an awning to fit perfectly on nearly any part of the home, like decks, patios, windows, doors, pergolas, and skylights.

Call 1-800-SUNESTA today if you would like to have a custom-made awning installed on your home in Georgia, where it’s sure to provide you with many years of comfort and enjoyment.