A Retractable Awning from Sunesta Can Transform Your Patio Into Your Own Personal Oasis

A Retractable Awning from Sunesta Can Transform Your Patio Into Your Own Personal Oasis

AwningHaving an awning installed over a patio or other space outside your home is the ideal way to enhance your outdoor living area – especially when you choose Sunesta. That’s because we are a pioneer of the retractable awning industry, and no one can match the beauty, performance, and reliability of our custom-manufactured products.

Unlike many other awnings, a Sunesta Awning can be trusted to:

  • Last for many years to come – Our awnings are built with sturdy metal frames and specially treated acrylic fabric. They exceed the standards set by two of the country’s strictest building codes, Florida and Miami-Dade County, meaning that our awnings can withstand severe winds both when retracted and when fully extended.
  • Allow you to keep your view – Thanks to superior construction, a Sunesta Awning does not require supports, or uprights, to stay in its extended position. So, you can enjoy the shade without having your view obstructed by bothersome poles.
  • Beautify your home – With more than 180 awning fabrics to choose from in all sorts of colors and patterns, as well as your choice in frame colors, you can create just the right look to complement the exterior of your home.
  • Maintain its appearance – The fabric of our awnings is 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic to keep the color from fading or running. Plus, synthetic fibers prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

With Sunesta Awnings installed, you’ll be in complete control of the shade. And, with all of the optional features we have available, you can customize the way your awnings operate. For example, a Sunesta Awning can be motorized and controlled with the push of a button. Or, sensors can detect motion or sunlight to automatically extend and retract the awnings for your convenience.

To learn more about Sunesta Awnings and which awning is right for your home, please contact us at 1-800-SUNESTA today.