Weighing Your Options: Choosing Between An Awning Or Pergola In The Northeast


Although the autumn season sits waiting just around the corner, the persistence of summer is unparalleled.

With lasting heat and long days of relentless sunshine, it’s entirely understandable that many homeowners today are searching for the perfect outdoor solutions to keep their families both cool and comfortable.

And the leading options in the Northeast? Awnings and pergolas.

So, if you feel similarly stuck between the two options, allow us to break down the benefits and drawbacks of each:

A Professional Perspective On The Pros

Retractable awnings are ideal for those looking to enhance the comfort of one specific outdoor area that is in close proximity to the exterior of their Northeastern home.

Installed directly to the side of the house’s structure, awnings prove reliable in terms of remaining up to 20 degrees cooler, thereby extending the amount of time you might come out to recline with a book or enjoy the poolside view.

What’s more, awnings don’t just shade you — they shade your property. Thus, it will save you money on your energy bills, mitigate fading of the house’s paint, and protect both indoor and outdoor items from sun exposure and damage.

That being said, if you’re looking to broaden your reach, a pergola will offer you the gift of versatility.

A freestanding structure with a roof and no solid walls, pergolas take up less space and can be built wherever you choose. They also provide enhanced airflow and might afford more privacy if you opt to install it in a cozy corner of your backyard.

Finally, lovers of home gardens may favor pergolas, as they are often built of wood and feature plenty of room to allow vining plants to grow and drape, be it along the pillars or other personalized details.

Calling Out The Cons That Customers Consider

After parsing our way through the pros of each potential structure, you might be wondering: “Okay, but what’s the catch? What are the drawbacks of each?”

Well, while the strength of a pergola might be enticing, it’s important to note that, once installed, a pergola cannot be moved. Consequently, pergola installations are also more complex than that of awning installations and may require more time, effort, and money to complete.

Pergolas also do not provide the same level of overall sun protection in comparison to that of an awning. While a roof covering may enhance its shade, it ultimately will always be exposed to higher volumes of sunlight in the Northeast, thereby increasing the heat and posing a risk to those with sunlight sensitivities.

Awnings, on the other hand, might not be your first choice if you’re looking to only shade a very small, isolated area of your home. While they also retract whenever desired, they’re designed only to remain stationary and adjacent to your property, specifically, thus limiting your options for placement.

Don’t Settle, Find Solutions With Sunesta

Regardless of which of the aforementioned you feel pulled toward, there’s one thing that both awnings and pergolas have in common: Sunesta’s certified solutions!

From custom-made retractable awnings to pergola covers, screens, and more, Sunset remains wholly committed to optimizing both your outdoor comfort and safety. Complete with durable fabrics that are fade-resistant and rated UPF 30, both your family and your Northeastern property will reap a variety of benefits from our state-of-the-art technology.

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