What Are Solar Shades?

What Are Solar Shades?

What Are Solar Shades?Solar shades are a high-quality screen solution that can be used as a way to add privacy or shade to your backyard space. Solar shades can be installed along with retractable awnings or affixed to an existing patio cover or pergola solution. This product is advantageous over other shading solutions because in addition to granting you protection from the sun, it also offers the ability to protect against insects, inclement weather, and wind.

When you turn to Sunesta for retractable screens you will be able to feel confident that you are receiving the best solar shades in the industry. Our patio screens are:

  • Fully retractable to allow you to have complete control over the amount of sun entering your space
  • Manufactured with powder-coated frames that resist scratching
  • Wind-resistant
  • Made with a fabric that is manufactured with solution-dyed synthetic fibers to resist mold and mildew

Factory Customization

At Sunesta, all of the retractable screens we offer are custom made so you will have complete control over the final product you are receiving. This includes a wide variety of colors and weave patterns to allow you to have the perfect amount of opacity for your needs. In addition, due to their custom-made nature, your new solar shades will be crafted to the exact dimensions of your home for maximum efficiency and a visually appealing appearance.

To learn more about the solar shades and other outdoor shading solutions we offer to homeowners throughout the United States, contact us today at 1-800-SUNESTA.