What do retractable awnings cost?

What do Retractable Awnings Cost?

Retractable awnings have become popular investments for homeowners who not only want to enjoy shade on demand but also use their retractable shades to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. With a retractable awning over a window or glass patio doors, for example, you can extend your shade when the sun is intense and dramatically reduce the amount of solar heat that infiltrates your indoor areas, where it can drive up your home cooling costs. Then, in the wintertime, you can retract your awning to welcome in the rays of the afternoon sun, which can help you reduce your reliance on your heating system to keep your indoor areas warm and cozy.

This is one of many reasons that retractable awnings offer a sound investment for homeowners, and there are retractable awnings with do-it-yourself installation available for as little as a few hundred dollars, depending on the size and quality of the awning. Before you invest in one of those, however, you’ll want to think about getting the most value for your investment. Here are a few questions to ask before you buy:

How durable and weather-resistant is the fabric?

There are many retractable awning fabrics on the market, from the old-style canvas canopies to newer acrylic fabrics that resist mildew and fading so much better than their predecessors.

Will I be limited to only a few colors, patterns, and styles, or will I be able to pick a customized look that enhances the curb appeal of my home?

An inexpensive retractable shade is likely to come in only a few standardized aesthetic options.

Is motorized operation available?

Top-caliber retractable awnings are available with a variety of choices for ease of operation, including push button and remote control.

What kind of warranty is provided, and will it be voided if I install my awning myself?

Generally, you’ll want to look for at least several years of warranty protection for both the fabric and hardware components of your awning. Professional installation of an awning from a recognized leader in the industry is the best way to protect your investment.

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