What’s Summer Without a Shady Soirée in the Southwest?

The cold has retreated, and there’s bound to be no shortage of summer parties. That being said, one cannot neglect the necessity of party preparation, considering the dangers the heat poses for those residing in the Southwest.

In fact, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), “the Southwest has seen a drastic increase in the area experiencing extreme high temperatures in summer over the last twenty years, with very little relief in the last six years.”

So, if you’re looking for some shady suggestions for a safe summer party, we’ve got you covered!

A sunny backyard space. A Sunesta awning provides shade and outdoor comfort in the back right.

A sunny backyard space. A Sunesta awning provides shade and outdoor comfort in the back right.

Preparing Your Populated Pool Party

Ah, the ever-popular pool party. How can we not at least touch on this option, considering just how classic and desirable it is?

Particularly as the signature Southwestern heat settles in to bake the arid land and coax high volumes of sweat from your body, a dip in the pool with loved ones is the perfect way to stave off summer discomfort.

Moreover, when you have a shaded poolside area — courtesy of a state-of-the-art awning or screen — you can feel confident that all of your guests have a place to rest, hydrate, and rejuvenate themselves between their laps.

After all, who wouldn’t want to stay up to 20 degrees cooler as they repeatedly venture in and out of the water?

Protecting Your Picnic Potluck

As our communities begin to congregate again following a tough two years of isolation and social distancing, a picnic potluck offers the whole community — be it your neighborhood or simply your community of family and friends — the opportunity to appreciate an outdoor gathering without six feet worth of separation.

Moreover, nothing brings people together quite like food!

In this case, hosting in an outdoor area that is protected by an industry-leading screen would be the wisest. After all, not only will the screen provide both shade and privacy from prying eyes, but the woven mesh will also prevent insect intrusion, thereby keeping the food cache safe and healthy.

Picnic, potluck, and optimized protection? Yes, please!

Investing in Your Ideal Evening Event

If the Southwestern region’s heat is simply too unyielding and uncomfortable, don’t lose heart — opt, instead, to throw an evening event!

Not only will a custom-designed retractable awning provide assurance that the party can go on even in the event of summer rain showers, but it will also offer ample space to hang up Sunesta’s Smart LED awning lights, thus fostering the evening awe and ambiance you’ve long sought.

Of course, it goes without saying that you’re not limited to any of our suggestions. So long as you can stay safe and comfortable beneath the shade of a custom retractable screen or awning, the sky is the limit!

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