When Spring Means Summer: Staying Safe in South Florida

With constant warmth to be found year-round, it’s no wonder many choose to vacation where we live.

But here in South Florida, it’s not all beach days and afternoons spent out on a boat. Even during the spring, it’s about strategically avoiding the sun for the sake of our own well-being — including in our own backyard.

Hello, Heatwave

U.S. Climate Data reports that Miami’s average high temperature for the month of April is approximately 83 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas its low for that month falls around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. And when you add average humidity levels on top of that? It feels even hotter.

All of this is to say that South Florida’s annual spring feels akin to that of an average summer in most other regions across the country.

Thus, heatstroke is a legitimate concern for residents of this area, making the installation of shade-inducing screens and awnings an ideal course of action for overall protection. For example, Sunesta’s custom retractable products are capable of keeping its users up to 20 degrees cooler, thereby significantly reducing their chance of suffering from heat-related illness, no matter the time of year.

Certainly the Sunshine State

As if the heat itself weren’t enough, South Florida sun exposure is another danger in and of itself during the spring.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides a month-over-month sun safety analysis, indicating that, by April, the Sunshine State averages a rating of about 7 or 8 out of eleven on its UV index climatological scale. And for those who are sun-sensitive, that doesn’t entirely bode well.

For this reason, shade is important not only for keeping one’s internal temperature within a safe margin, but also for protecting their skin from sunburns, melanoma progression, and more. Should you and your family decide that you want to spend more time outdoors this season, we recommend that you install an awning, screen, or patio canopy as an additional measure of both comfort and protection.

Mitigating Heat Means Managing Money

Be it a result of the general climate or the constant beating down of the sun upon one’s property, the spring season is typically when residents of South Florida see their energy bills begin to inch higher again, as cooling costs carve a hole in their wallet.

Thus, window and door awnings alike are preferable options for not only cutting one’s springtime energy bills, but also saving money on home renovations, as sun protection means increasing the lifespan of your home exterior’s integrity.

So, are you ready to beat the heat in South Florida for the spring? If so, it’s time to contact Sunesta!

Not only are our products custom-designed to fit your home’s dimensions and color scheme, but we also offer the nation’s best warranty as well as free installation from your local dealer. What better way to start a new season? To learn more about our products and schedule your FREE estimate, call Sunesta today at 1-800-SUNESTA!