When Winter Winds Cut Through Your Midwestern Comfort: How a Screen Can Help

Sadly, it’s time to pull your puffiest winter jacket back out and hurry toward a heater. Why? Because the powerful Midwestern winter is back in full force.

But, when it comes to mitigating the cutting chill of the season, do you have any other options than to run back indoors? We say yes.

Read on to find out more!

Craving Comfort in the Cold

In the Midwest, winters are not only frigid — they’re unpredictable.

“In winter, temperatures can fall below zero in many parts of the region, though the season isn’t always brutal: Visitors may experience daily high temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit at times,” as reported by USA Today.

Additionally, one’s experience of the season might change depending on where in the Midwest they reside. After all, “very cold temperatures of less than 15F are observed in the far north while southern sections average in the 30s,” according to national climate data.

So it would make sense to want to huddle inside, rather than braving the winter cold outdoors.  Of course, even if the temperatures outside are relatively mild, the Midwest wind chill is capable of kicking one’s discomfort up a notch.

Chasing Away the Chill

“Wind Chill is a term used to describe what the air temperature feels like to the human skin due to the combination of A Sunesta screen is ready to provide patio comfort to the residents of a Midwestern homecold temperatures and winds blowing on exposed skin,” the National Weather Service explains. “In simple terms, the colder the air temperature and the higher the wind speeds the colder it will feel on your skin if you’re outside.”

Thankfully, if you’re ready to sip your favorite hot beverage outside, a state-of-the-art Sunesta screen can help!

Not only are our screen fabrics woven according to your preference — thereby admitting a breeze while blocking the wind — but the frame of the screen itself guides the wind’s blunt forces down and away.

In other words, a screen won’t just help you stay cooler in the summer. They’ll also help you feel warmer in the winter.

Year-Round Reliability with Sunesta

At the end of the day, you deserve outdoor comfort and safety. Period. That’s why, here at Sunesta, we remain committed to sweet, simple, and smart solutions that are designed with you in mind!

Our screens aren’t only customized in terms of their fabric. They’re also…

  • 100% American-made
  • Retractable
  • Customizable by size
  • Customizable by frame
  • Installed with the nation’s best warranty
  • And more!

So, are you ready to optimize your favorite outdoor space in the Midwest? Then it’s time to reach out to our team! Get your FREE estimate today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA!