When You Get Burned by Cool Weather: Don’t Doubt the Southeastern Spring

During the summer, you remain diligent and dedicated to a skin care routine that involves an admirable amount of SPF. From floppy hats to tinted windows, UPF-rated clothes, and more, we have no doubt that you’re on top of your individual sun protection in summer.

But what about the cooler months, like spring?

After all, just because the heat is not sinking in to push you to discomfort in cooler months, that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t just as capable of causing you damage.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

Measuring the Sunny Southeast

There’s no doubt that the Southeast is replete with sunshine. It is, after all, home to Florida — which is aptly nicknamed “the Sunshine State” for the bright, balmy days that draw tourists in from across the nation.

As such, there is no shortage of sun exposure in the Southeast… even when it’s cold.

In fact, states in the Southeastern region of the U.S. receive, on average, between 2,500 to 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, meaning even the cooler months may put residents at risk of becoming over-exposed to the sun.

Thus, particularly as ultraviolet (UV) rays may also continue to reach and reflect on cloudy days, investing in adequate sun protection is critical to one’s long-term wellbeing.

The Other Side of Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet rays most often reach the surface of the Earth as either UVA rays or UVB rays.

“UVA and UVB radiation can both affect health,” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) explains. “Even though UVA radiation is weaker than UVB, it penetrates deeper into the skin and is more constant throughout the year.”

Consequently, should one subject themselves to frequent sun exposure without taking the proper preventative steps to protect their skin, they may later develop…

  • Sunburns
  • Premature aging
  • Melanoma
  • Skin cancer
  • And more

Particularly as the spring season approaches and the average volume of sunshine per day will again begin to climb, this is the perfect time of year to find your satisfactory solution.

Sharing the Love, Sharing the Shade

The bottom line is, no matter where in the Southeast you reside, sun exposure is a given. As such, you’ll want to ensure that your home — specifically, your favorite outdoor space(s) — is equipped with shade-inducing technology that can be utilized all throughout the year.

“When you are outside, think of shade as your refuge, especially between 10 AM and 4 PM, the peak hours of sun intensity,” the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends.

Our solution? State-of-the-art Sunesta screens.

Whether you want to enclose a patio, pergola, or other outdoor structure that receives its fair share of Southeastern sun, a screen can help to block the invasion of harmful UV rays. When it’s cool out, you can remain comfortable knowing you are protected; when the heat returns, you can also reap the benefits of staying up to 20 degrees cooler!

Sunesta screens are custom-made, automatically retractable, and come with your choice of both frame and mesh material.

So, are you ready to relish revolutionary outdoor comfort? Then it’s time to contact Sunesta! We offer the nation’s leading warranty in addition to FREE installation by your local dealer. To get your free estimate, simply call our team at 1-800-SUNESTA.

Living life in the shade has never been this simple.