Why Your Springtime Solution Is A Sunesta Screen

We’re sure you’ve been there: Stepping out to bask in the sunlight and soak in the warmth for the first time in months as the winter season finally subsides… only for your enjoyment to be altogether too short-lived.

When you’re left at the mercy of persistent wind and rain, it’s easy to feel as though sighing in defeat and running back inside is your only option.

But what if we told you there was another simple solution in the form of a screen?

Bypassing Blustery Winds

As the new season breezes its way in for the year, harsher winds are bound to follow. While you may be looking forward to the flowers that follow spring showers, you’ll first have to grin and bear the bluster that accompanies the bouts of warm fronts.

But that’s why a retractable outdoor screen is an effective asset to your home or business — because not only will a screen lessen the blow of a breeze, but it will also break up heavy gusts that threaten to overturn your springtime cocktail, among other things.

Additionally, should any winds be strong enough to take your yard fixtures or other outdoor items for a ride, a durable screen is apt to deflect debris, thereby protecting you, your property, and any other items that may otherwise be housed on your patio or pergola.

No Raining On This Parade

The wind is not the only outdoor element rendered less offputting by a retractable screen. Rain will also become less likely to dampen your day, as the mesh of a screen catches water droplets and guides them down to the ground, rather than allowing them to invade your space and drive your family or customers back inside.

After all, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), “the [May 2020] precipitation total for the contiguous U.S. was … above average,” and it’s entirely possible that the spring season of 2021 will follow suit.

Finally, if you’re braving the early heatwaves at home in anticipation of the months to come, a screen will act as a natural misting system when the rain is broken up upon impact. There’s no better way to stay cool than behind the comfort of your custom-designed screen!

Screening Your Solutions With Sunesta

With a towel in one hand and your favorite book or beverage in the other, we know you’re ready to make the most of your spring season. And that’s why Sunesta offers custom retractable screens — because your outdoor comfort and safety are our priority!

Whether you’re dodging a downpour or enduring a windy day, our American-made products are sure to enhance your outdoor experience. What’s more, we offer white-glove customer service, as well as the nation’s leading warranty and free installation by your local dealer!

Why wait until you’re in the midst of a stormy day to start searching for solutions? Simply contact Sunesta and get your FREE estimate today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA!