Window Awnings Cockeysville MD

Window Awnings Can Protect Your Cockeysville, MD, Home
From the Sun Without Hampering Your View

Window awnings can provide sun protection for your Cockeysville, Maryland home or business without having to shut out the rest of the world. While blinds and curtains block sunlight, they also limit or completely eliminate the view outside, which may create a sense of isolation for some. Window awnings, on the other hand, block enough of the sun’s rays to offer relief from the intense, mid-morning to mid-afternoon glare that contributes to interior heat gain and color fading in exposed fabrics, without hampering the view.

At Carroll Awning Company, we’ve been expertly installing quality awnings and canopies at residences throughout Cockeysville, MD, since our founding in 1958, and we can do the same for yours. Our premium window awnings are manufactured by Sunesta, a leader in the industry renowned for its superlative products and unrivaled craftsmanship. These top-of-the-line awnings:

  • Are available in more than 150 different fabric colors and patterns, so you’ll always be able to find a look that perfectly complements the exterior of your home or business
  • Come in a number of different configurations that can project out from a wall by up to seven feet, depending upon the size of the canopy
  • Can be installed in either a fixed position or as fully retractable shade solutions

If you’re ready to shade the interior of your Cockeysville, MD, home or business without obstructing your view, call Carroll Awning Company today to learn more about the many quality window awnings we install.