Working Solutions For The Windy Southeast: Staying Safely Screened In

Southeastern humidity is no joke, nor is it a secret. Thankfully, spring offers a comfortable buffer between shivering winters and sweat-stained summers, albeit it comes with another caveat.

That is, you don’t want to underestimate the wind speeds that blow in over these largely coastal states.

Here’s what to consider:

Why So Windy?

The bottom line of springtime is that wind speeds will pick up by several miles per hour, no matter where in the country you are — though many typically consider strong winds to be more typical of the Midwest or Northeast.

That being said, states that remain nestled alongside the ocean in the Southeast still experience their fair share of wind gain. Take Florida, for example; as a peninsular state, the land is going to get buffeted by all sides from wind throughout the year.

Let’s stop and look at Miami, Florida, specifically. According to the Florida Climate Center through Florida State University (FSU), Miami receives an average of 10.5 miles per hour worth of wind for the month of April, followed by March, which features 10.4 miles per hour average.

Blowing Off The Blowing Wind

What, then, you might wonder,  is the best way to stay safe and comfortable in the face of increased wind speeds and frequency in the spring?

Simple: we recommend installing a patio screen.

After all, screens are not only capable of blocking the brutal Southeastern sun and barring the bugs from entering your personal space. That is, they can also soften the blow of the wind thanks to both its mesh and its frame.

This is because the mesh fabric is designed in part to absorb the initial impact of the wind, thereby protecting you from directly experiencing it. Additionally, the framework of the screen directs and streamlines the airflow, leading it away from the screened-off area in question.

Sunesta Solutions, Southeastern Satisfaction

So, have we convinced you that Southeastern screens can provide you with exceedingly satisfactory solutions in spring? What if we told you they could also benefit you all year-round?

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