Your Bang for Your Buck: How to Increase Your Southeastern Property’s Value with an Awning

The real estate market is hot right now, both in terms of price and in terms of topics worth discussing. And so, if you’re looking for new ways to increase the value of your home — regardless of whether or not you plan to sell soon — you may be lost in the ever-present barrage of options.

But… have you considered an awning?

After all, an awning can increase your home value in more ways than one. Here’s how:


Making Room to Grow

There’s nothing that can attract new buyers quite like increased elbow room. After all, particularly for those with

An open awning extending over a back porch in the Southeast

An open awning extending over a back porch in the Southeast

families or those who relish in their outdoor hobbies, room to move is essential to their comfort and happiness.

Thus, adding an awning to your Southeastern property is an ideal tactic if you’re hoping to increase your home’s resale value.

In particular, building an awning over a pool or patio expands the property space, as it provides adequate shade so that residents may linger as long as they please. Whether they’re outside for a picnic with the family or simply reclining by the pool, an awning is an additional amenity that won’t fail you.

Attracting the Right Attention

Let’s face it: appearances matter and your Southeastern home is no different. The more you can rejuvenate the exterior elements of your property to appeal to the eye, the more dollars you can squeeze onto the price tag at the end of the day.

And what’s great about awnings? Simply put, not only do they look good from the outside in, but with a customized awning, you can ensure it blends cohesively with the color palette of the rest of your property.

For example, when you invest in a state-of-the-art retractable awning with Sunesta, you’ll have your choice of over 150 fabric options — all of which are resistant to fading, molding, and more!

Fighting the Fade

When it comes to your property, longevity matters. And, unfortunately, nothing is more capable of gradually wearing it down quite like direct sunshine in the Southeast.

For example, Tampa, Florida reportedly receives a total of 2927 hours’ worth of sunshine in a year, averaging out to approximately 101 sunny, clear days out of the year. And between the Floridian heat and sunshine combined, the property built here is liable to fade.

An awning, on the other hand, deflects direct sunlight while keeping its shaded area up to 20 degrees cooler! Thus, your property is not severely degraded and can retain its overall value over time.

The only question left, then, is probably, “How do I get started?”

Easy: You reach out to Sunesta! Our team is proud to provide customers with the nation’s best warranty in addition to unparalleled products made in America and FREE installation by your local dealer.

Ready to learn more? Then call 1-800-SUNESTA today to get started with your FREE estimate!